March 2017 Goals

Well friends, it’s the start of a new month! Woot woot!

Today it is gloomy outside, but that’s okay. Sometimes gloomy days are my most productive days. I can hunker into my office with a blanket and cup of coffee and crank out work! So hi March! I’m glad your here!

Let’s start by running down my February Goals!

  • Continue with the Contentment Challenge and shoe clean out
    • Check! I may have waited till this weekend to clean out my shoes…but hey, I got it done!

A little update on the Contentment Challenge: I am still going, and still loving it! I planned to do monthly updates, but I don’t feel like much has changed since my last update, so I may wait until the end to give an update. It is crazy to me that I am in the final month. Time flies!

  • Have 1 social media free weekend
    • Check! I plan to make these a monthly thing!
  • Finish my tax prep. and implement new bookkeeping software
    • Allllllmmmoooost check! I did implement new bookkeeping software and am loving it!! Quicken how did I live without you?? I’m like 90% there on tax prep! ; )
  • Finish reading the “Celebration of Discipline”, “Grace Not Perfection”, and read one other book.
    • I finished “Grace Not Perfection” and really enjoyed it! But I quit on Celebration of Discipline. I listened to it last year and to be totally honest, I have read/listened to TOO MANY business, religious, or personal development books in a row. I think my brain needs a break if I am going to actually absorb any more information. So, I’ve decided to let that book go for now and chose something a little more lighthearted! I ended up listening to “Talking as Fast as I Can” By Lauren Graham and really enjoyed it! I also enjoyed that I could hear it in her voice. I think I’m going go with “lighthearted” for a few more books. If anyone has suggestions send them my way! I didn’t read a third book.
  • Have intentional chunks of time for myself
    • I’m still tweaking this goal to figure out what works best for me. While I didn’t necessarily schedule “down time” like I planned, I do feel like February was a very restful month, so I think it was a win!
  • Plan for 8 hours of sleep…or more….each night. 🙂
    • With the exception of 1 or 2 nights, this was the bomb!

And now onto more information that you probably never wanted to know in the first place….ladies and gentlemen, my March goals!


  • Have one social media free weekend (betcha didn’t see that one coming)
  • “Declutter” various piles in my house that I have been putting off!
  • Have my photography gear serviced before wedding season starts up
  • Play with writing blocks weekly – Lauren talks about this in “Talking As Fast As I Can” and I’m hoping they will help me crank out more content for this blog! Or, just give me a change of pace in my work day!
  • Work through the Justin & Mary Lighting class, one video per week! – I purchased this class in November with the intention of doing it in the New Year. I’ve watched a few lessons so far but it’s time to get more serious about it.
  • Start an evening routine that prepares me for the day to follow – I love this idea from Ashley Brooke Designs, check out how she “set’s up for success” here…


Now you tell me! What are your goals for March?

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Wishing you a Happy March!


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