ezgif.com-resizeHello!  Thanks for stopping by! (*Virtual hug!*)

I’m Katie!

I’m a 21 year old gal born and raised in the Mitten! I am a wedding photographer and videographer and have the privilege of capturing a huge day in people’s lives! (You can find my work HERE) In addition to this I am obsessed with reading blogs, which is how Bungalows & Olives came to be. This is my little place to share all of my favorite things. You will find a jumble of hair tutorials, outfits, DIY’s, lifestyle tips, lots about my family and life, as well as conversations with some other small business owners! My hope is to add a little bit of happiness to you day and inspire you to live enchantingly simple and genuine life. There is only one you so embrace your quirks, personality, and enjoy every moment! Both the good and the hard!

Here are some things you should know about me:

– I think “about me” pages are awkward

– I like the words “bungalow” and “olive”

– I am the youngest of 4 girls

– I prefer to spend my time with a camera in hand

– I am obsessed with calligraphy, crafting, cooking, and all other forms of creating

– my dream is to be Martha Stewart (minus the jail time)

– if I could live in a world where it was always winter, I would

– I think “about me” pages are awkward… wait, did I already say that?

Hater’s gonna hate. Katie’s gonna Kate.

Contact me at info@katiegrace.net

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