February 2017 Goals

Hey Friends!

I’m back with my second post about goals. Crazy that it has already been a month, but I’ve decided to give this “blogging goals” thing a good run, so here we are!

The format of these posts may vary from time to time as I work on establishing a rhythm that I am happy with. For today, I thought I would update my progress on my January goals!

  • Lay out my guidelines for the Contentment Challenge
    • Completed and blogged here!
  • Begin and stick to the challenge
    • Check! Planning to do a blog post on my progress soon.
  • Clean out my closet
    • Check! Holy moly did I have a lot of stuff that I didn’t need! It felt so good to declutter. Since doing this, I have found myself getting more creative with my closet and being happier with what I have. I still need to clean out my shoes…
  • Have 1 social media free weekend
    • Check! I forgot how much I missed doing these!
  • Blog about my goals
  • Re-read “The Celebration Of Discipline”
    • I still have a little bit left in this, but I did read the majority of it!
  • Read “Grace Not Perfection”
    • About half way through this one!
  • Visit the gym once per week (starting small guys…)
    • GOOD NEWS! I worked out 2x a week for the entire month of January! I know all you marathoners out there are rolling your eyes, but for me this is progress!
  • Do one load of laundry per week
    • I LOVE this routine! I started making Sunday’s laundry days in December and it is so nice to have it done for the rest of the week and sets the tone for an organized week!
  • Do one thing alone per week
    • I did this 2 or 3 times this month, but definitely not weekly. To be honest they were mostly afterthoughts like “oh I’m here alone” rather than planning to spend time working out of the house alone or doing something I enjoy.
  • Stick to social media hours (more details in my contentment challenge post)
    • While I did have a few slip ups, I actually really enjoyed this. It definitely puts social media in it’s place and helps me wind down at the end of the night.


Okay, now onto my February goals!

  • Continue with the Contentment Challenge and shoe clean out
  • Have 1 social media free weekend
  • Finish reading the “Celebration of Discipline”, “Grace Not Perfection”, and read one other book (to be decided).
  • Finish my tax prep. and implement new bookkeeping software
  • Have intentional chunks of time for myself
  • Plan for 8 hours of sleep each night…or more 🙂

Now you tell me! What are your goals for February?

On a completely random side note: I’ve been listening to the “Solo Piano” Pandora station while writing this and you should listen to it. It’s great! 🙂


  1. Love your blog. Didn’t make it to set goals until March, but here we are! http://www.malloryjordan.com/single-post/2017/03/01/March-Goals-Break-it-Down

    • Hey Mallory! Woohoo!! Thanks so much for sharing your goals with me! I love them! I especially love the idea of spending more time in silence!! Great!! And as far as timing, if it makes you feel better I haven’t blogged any goals recently haha! I’ll get back at it soon! 🙂

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