Knotted Ponytail: Hair Tutorial

Looking for a new way to spice up your ponytail? I gotcha covered! This knotted look is super simple and quick! Step one: Part your hair into 3 sections. The two outside sections will be smaller than the main middle section, I stay pretty close to my ears. The middle section will be the bulk […]

Loose Beach Waves Hair Tutorial (with video)

Hey friends! Back with another hair tutorial today! This is one of my favorite ways to curl my hair when I am going with a middle part! It is a nice relaxed way to do curls and just gets better as the day goes on! I’m all about volume so I’ve also included a few […]

Braided Back Bangs – Hair Tutorial

Long time no hair tutorial, am I right?? To be honest, I used to shoot these myself using a tripod and remote. The. struggle. was. real! The hairstyle would take me 10 minutes, but the shooting would take 2+ hours!! Now that I’ve got Meg helping me out I’m hoping these will become a more […]

The Fun Has Arrived…My Summer Bucket List

80 degrees and sunny? Yes please! Summer is finally here and I am ready to make the most of it! I’m all… This is the time of year to ditch your phone, grab your sunglasses, and get outside! Today I thought I’d share my bucket list for the summer! Want to join me? Comment below […]

My go-to way of curling my hair; Big, bouncy, long-lasting curls; Video Hair Tutorial.

Thank you for reading the longest blog post title ever.  SOMUCHTOSAY. Today I thought I would show you my go-to way of curling my hair.  You have seen my hair curled this way lots of times before on this blog.  The curls loosen up over time so you’ll be able to tell the different stages […]

Dutch Fishtail Side Braid – Video Tutorial

Happy Monday friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a hair tutorial! Today I thought I would share this dutch fishtail braid. I always get questions on how I do this braid and it’s really pretty simple! Give it a try and let me know what you think! 

3 Ways to Wear a Bow in Your Hair- Video Tutorial

Bows are some of my very favorite things on the planet. I probably wear them too frequently, but I’m okay with that! Today I am sharing 3 simple ways to add them to hairstyles! Side note: I filmed this video before I cut my hair and it is making me seriously sad….carry on. Hope you […]

How to dress up a ponytail – video hair tutorial

Ponytails are a quick and easy go-to for everyone. Whether you are running out the door or headed to the gym they are perfect! However, I love a good ponytail for a dressy night out as well! Today I am sharing how I spruce one up to be a little more formal and pulled together!

Dutch Crown Braid Hair Tutorial

Happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing how to do this dutch crown braid! I have worn it several times on the blog and always get questions on how I do it, so I thought it was time to make a tutorial! Hope you enjoy! 

Dutch to Fishtail Side Braid Video Hair Tutorial

Hello Friends! I am back with another video today! Side braids are definitely my go-to hairstyles and doing two different braids is a great way to switch things up! This also was filmed on the crazy mosquito…there’s that. Let me know what hairstyle you would like to see next!