Knotted Ponytail: Hair Tutorial

Looking for a new way to spice up your ponytail? I gotcha covered! This knotted look is super simple and quick! Step one: Part your hair into 3 sections. The two outside sections will be smaller than the main middle section, I stay pretty close to my ears. The middle section will be the bulk […]

Polka Dots Please!

There are two things that will sell me on almost any piece of clothing. 1. Pockets. 2. Polka dots. Enter: this maxi dress. Can being on Amazon Prime be on the list as well? Because, yes folks, you read that right, this dress is from AMAZON PRIME. My life is finally a full circle. I […]

Loose Beach Waves Hair Tutorial (with video)

Hey friends! Back with another hair tutorial today! This is one of my favorite ways to curl my hair when I am going with a middle part! It is a nice relaxed way to do curls and just gets better as the day goes on! I’m all about volume so I’ve also included a few […]

Jump Around!

Who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit! I know I do! They are comfy, easy to wear, and a whole outfit in one without the annoyances of a dress! The downside is that I can never find jumpsuits that fit me! My torso is long and my legs are short and they are always just all […]

Summer Classics

I love pieces that you can wear year after year and not get sick of! Classic colors, styles, and shapes that you can make countless combinations with always seem to prove worth whatever money you spent on them! Today’s outfit is made up of two of these types of pieces. I’ve had both this tank […]

Summer Makeup Essentials

Summertime brings beach days, drives with the windows down, and sunshine! Thank goodness! But with those joys come humidity, wind, and heat! For me, it calls for a change in my makeup routine! I like to keep things fresh, simple, and quick in the summer! Why take the time to put on foundation when you’ve […]


I’m a fan of wearing what I call “happy clothes.” A pop of color, a fun pattern, things that are just happy. Guarenteed to make your day better! A yellow daisy print dress? SO HAPPY! I have been loving this dress lately (another TJ Maxx find people!) it’s comfy and adds cheeriness to any day! […]

Braided Back Bangs – Hair Tutorial

Long time no hair tutorial, am I right?? To be honest, I used to shoot these myself using a tripod and remote. The. struggle. was. real! The hairstyle would take me 10 minutes, but the shooting would take 2+ hours!! Now that I’ve got Meg helping me out I’m hoping these will become a more […]


TJ Maxx has been on a roll lately! I often go in waves of shopping there! I find nothing for 6 months, then one day want to buy everything! It totally depends what they have in stock! I popped in the other day to kill some time between errands and this top caught my eye! I’ve […]

My favorite shorts for the summer…

I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of shorts. One time I found a girl on Instagram who looked almost identical to me and my sisters only knew it wasn’t me because (and I quote) I “don’t ever wear shorts”😂 Hilarious, but true! I find it almost impossible to find […]