My Favorite Summer Lipsticks…

Ya’ll know I’m a fan of some fun lipsticks! Lipstick is my go-to trick for finishing an outfit. During the summer months my preferences switch from bold berries and reds, to soft pinks and nudes. But don’t fret, there is still room to throw a little fun in! Today I thought I would round up […]

Neck Scarves…

I am a big believer that an outfit can go from drab to fab with the right accessories. Take a classic outfit of staples, throw on the perfect earrings, necklace, or scarf and you have an entirely different look. Lately I have been loving neck scarves! I’ve always found them so chic! They are polished, […]

Floral Skirt

The weekend is gone and Monday has arrived! I’m sprucing up the day with fun colors and florals! Happy clothes = a better day, right? I think so 🙂  I’m a sucker for a good skirt: femine, timeless, and perfect to spin in! Throw on sandals and a jean jacket and you’ve got yourself a go-to summer look! I think it […]

Bell Sleeves

Happy Thursday friends! Just one more day till the weekend! Woohoo!! Tomorrow I am headed out of town to shoot a wedding and we decided to stay the weekend! I can’t wait to shoot at a new venue and explore the surrounding town! I ran into TJ Maxx the other day to *quickly* (is a […]

What I’m Loving…

It’s time to round up what I’ve been loving lately! Leggo! Kayaking I checked off a bucket list item this month and purchased a kayak! I’ve been loving taking it out on little adventures every weekend and seeing more of God’s creation from the water! Iced Carmel Latte’s The perfect refreshing drink for summer! 7 […]

The Fun Has Arrived…My Summer Bucket List

80 degrees and sunny? Yes please! Summer is finally here and I am ready to make the most of it! I’m all… This is the time of year to ditch your phone, grab your sunglasses, and get outside! Today I thought I’d share my bucket list for the summer! Want to join me? Comment below […]

Be Kind Always

The perfect tee can go with almost any outfit.  Dress it up.  Dress it down.  Wear it with pajamas.  Wear it to a gala.  Wait…I’ve never been to a gala of any sort.  I’m just saying the possibilities are endless. You had to know this would involve canvas tennies, because really they are all I wear! […]


 It’s summer, so I’ve been wearing more bright colors lately. Wait, did I say wearing bright colors? I think I meant standing by bright colors… I have been loving this long sweater from Gap.  My sister was wearing it one day.  I liked it so much, I got on my phone right then and ordered it!  It […]

Friday Fun: Tassel Town

Lately, I have been seeing tassels everywhere.  I gotta say, I’m lovin’ it!  It’s like a party all day every day.  I believe there is always something to celebrate.  Tassels seem like the perfect way to add a little pep to your step!  I am totally hopping on this trend and hoping to incorporate some of […]

Oh T-Shirt Dresses….

Oh T-Shirt dresses…how I love you.  You are my favorite type of clothing and I would wear you every single day.  You are comfy, casual, effortless, and stylish. //Dress//Jacket//Shoes//