Easy Last Minute 4th Of July Treat – Flag Jello Cake

It wouldn’t be a celebration without some awesome snacks! If you are headed to a 4th of July party and need to bring a treat, I’ve got you covered! My mom has been making this jello cake for as long as I can remember! It is easy and delicious! Always a big win!  Round up […]

Pioneer Woman Meatballs- The best thing ever. The end.

Do you find yourself in need of a recipe perfect for cozy fall nights? Are you tired? Rundown? Listless? Boy, do I have something for you. Meatballs. But not just any meatballs, Pioneer Woman meatballs with creamy mashed potatoes. Pause for a moment while the angels sing. I am a strong believer in the Pioneer […]

1 whole year.

I have been blogging for an entire year. WHAT!?!? It is crazy to me how quickly that went! I still feel totally new to all of this! The past year has been absolutely wonderful. Blogging has given me a way to grow my business, but more importantly a creative outlet and a way to meet […]

Easy 4th of July Treats: Coconut Berry Popsicles

 So I’m not normally a sweet tooth kind of person. If you give me a salty-crunchy snack I will be in heaven, but I’ve never really craved sweet things. For some reason that all changed this summer. People. I’ve eaten my body weight in strawberry shortcake, my sister Audrey are on a man hunt for […]

Simple Salsa Recipe

 We’ve all been there.   Today I’m sharing a salsa recipe that is simple and quick! I love whipping it up on summer nights! Ingredients:  -2 tomatoes -1 ear of corn -1/2 of an onion -a handful of cilantro -a squeeze of lemon juice -1/2 tablespoon of garlic Here’s whatcha gotta do: -grill the corn -chop […]

3 Easy Summer Drinks

With the temperatures rising I’ve got summer on the brain! I thought today I would share a few of my favorite drinks! I am tag-teaming this post with the wonderful Ariel of Neatly Noted! I’m basically obsessed with her and everything in her shop! How adorable is this tumbler!? Use the coupon code “KATIE30” for […]

All I want to eat is pancakes.

Lets have a little chit chat because something very serious is happening to me. It seems that over the past few months my mind has been fixated on pancakes. They are pretty much all I ever think about anymore. I simply cannot break the addition. In honor of this I have decided to do a pancake […]

My Formula For the Perfect Green Smoothie

 Ahh good ol’ green smoothies! Disgusting in looks, delicious in taste, packed with nutrients! I started making green smoothies about 2 years ago…I started drinking green smoothies a few weeks later. Lets just say it took some trial and error (mostly error) to get something actually palatable, let alone good. Now I’ve got my system down […]