Dream Big Think Small

Earlier this year Jeff Manion of Ada Bible Church released his new book titled, “Dream Big, Think Small”, along with his book he wrote a six week sermon series. This teaching surrounded the idea of slow and steady faithfulness. It dealt with working hard and diligently, showing up over a long period of time, and […]

Weekend Lookbook: June 9-11 Charlevoix

Happy Friday Friends! Only a few hours till the weekend and I’m still dreaming of last weekend! Friday This past weekend we had the pleasure of heading out of town to shoot a wedding! I love when my job lets me see more of our pretty state! Michigan has so many fun little beach towns, […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to spoil your pops! I looooove giving gifts, so that makes any holiday fun for me! I will be the first to admit that gentlemen tend to be a little challenging to buy for. 😉 I know I’m not the only one who feels this […]

Step into my office…

My happy place. When I first started my business, I did not know the value of a good workspace. The couch may be comfy, but nothing compares to the productivity that stems from a desk and closed doors! So thankful for this space! Also thankful for Ikea and HomeGoods, where decor dreams come true without causing […]

What I’m Loving…

It’s time to round up what I’ve been loving lately! Leggo! Kayaking I checked off a bucket list item this month and purchased a kayak! I’ve been loving taking it out on little adventures every weekend and seeing more of God’s creation from the water! Iced Carmel Latte’s The perfect refreshing drink for summer! 7 […]

Balancing Social Media

Feeling a little bogged down by social media? I was too! Over the last few months I have implemented a few different steps to help me enjoy social media without it consuming my life! They have been super helpful for me, so I thought I would share! Social Media is exactly what it sounds like, […]

The Fun Has Arrived…My Summer Bucket List

80 degrees and sunny? Yes please! Summer is finally here and I am ready to make the most of it! I’m all… This is the time of year to ditch your phone, grab your sunglasses, and get outside! Today I thought I’d share my bucket list for the summer! Want to join me? Comment below […]

March 2017 Goals

Well friends, it’s the start of a new month! Woot woot! Today it is gloomy outside, but that’s okay. Sometimes gloomy days are my most productive days. I can hunker into my office with a blanket and cup of coffee and crank out work! So hi March! I’m glad your here! Let’s start by running down […]

Today feels like spring…

In Michigan, there is always that one weekend that makes you think spring is here. It comes sometime mid-February or early March when the south is entering warm weather season and Target is releasing their spring clothes. In the midst of snow, wind and ice…BAM, Michigan throws 40, 50, or in this case, 60-degree weather at you. And […]

Contentment Challenge : What I learned in January

1 month down, 2 to go! January is always a fun month for me because I see it (as many do) like a fresh start! I always return to work after Christmas break refreshed, refocused, and excited to tackle projects. I learned a lot this month about my capacity and productivity habits as I eased […]