My Favorite Summer Lipsticks…

Ya’ll know I’m a fan of some fun lipsticks! Lipstick is my go-to trick for finishing an outfit. During the summer months my preferences switch from bold berries and reds, to soft pinks and nudes. But don’t fret, there is still room to throw a little fun in! Today I thought I would round up […]

My favorite bloggers to follow on Instagram…

I love having a little outfit inspiration in my feed, so today I’m rounding up my favorite fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram! Check them all out below! Kate from Lonestar Southern Instagram | Blog   Julia Hengel from Gal Meets Glam Instagram | Blog Brighton Keller from Brighton the Day Instagram | Blog Stephie Meyer […]

What I’m Loving…

It’s time to round up what I’ve been loving lately! Leggo! Kayaking I checked off a bucket list item this month and purchased a kayak! I’ve been loving taking it out on little adventures every weekend and seeing more of God’s creation from the water! Iced Carmel Latte’s The perfect refreshing drink for summer! 7 […]

My favorite reads from 2016…

I’m back again to recap some recent reads! Since I wasn’t very on top of blogging in 2016 and didn’t often share what I was reading I kept a list on my phone so I wouldn’t forget! I wanted to stop in today and share what my favorite books from the year were! Some I […]

What I’m Currently Loving – January 2017

Hey Friends! I thought I would stop in today to share a few things I am loving right now!   Adobe Illustrator How? Why has it taken me this long to learn Illustrator? I am a Photoshop girl through and through, but let me make one thing clear, I’ve never actually liked Photoshop. It does […]

Beach Bag Favorites

 What is a beach trip without a beach bag? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things to have with me while relaxing in the sand! For this trip I brought this amazing backpack that my sister got me in Costa Rica! Its lightweight, fun, and has plenty of space! My favorites are pretty straight forward. Reading material, snacks, sunnies, […]

RapidLash Review

So everybody wants longer eyelashes right? Right. Lucky for us, I found a miracle worker. Its name is RapidLash. This eyelash serum costs about $30 and can be found at Ulta. The idea is that you apply it to the lash line on your upper eyelashes every night after taking your makeup off. It took about 3 months […]

February Favorites

1. Hot water with lemon. Late at night I often want something hot to drink but obviously caffeine is a no no. Since about Christmas time I have been reaching for hot water with lemon essential oil (but you could use fresh lemon slices) and raw honey. It is sweet and delicious and the perfect thing […]

January Favorites

I cannot believe we have already reached the end of January. I can already tell this year is going to go by quickly! Better buckle up! I must admit that I love cold weather, and most years the snow doesn’t start to bother me till around late February. This year is very different’t y’all. I. […]

December Favorites

I can’t believe we are already though December! This year has gone by crazy fast! Tomorrow I will be recapping 2014 and I can’t wait! For today I am going to be sharing some of my favorite items from December! Every single month I think about doing this so I decided just to make it […]