Listen to some Christmas music…

I am one of those crazy people that starts listening to Christmas music in October (Haters gonna hate, Katie’s gonna Kate). But since it actually is the Holiday season now, I thought I would share a Christmas playlist! This is a mash-up of all of my favorite Christmas songs, but I will warn you now […]

Pick out your tree…

Some people prefer to cut down a tree from a tree farm, so I realize that our selection from Fruit Basket Flowerland may seem incredibly anticlimactic. However, I love picking out our Christmas tree. Hailey selects it almost every year, and each year she gets faster. This year it was like a solid 2.5 minutes.Staring […]

DIY Anthropology Inspired Globes

I have been drooling over Anthropology’s globes for quite some time now. Unfortunately they cost a pretty penny that I am not willing to spend! The solution: DIY it! It turned out to be a super fun and simple craft! I choose to use these mini globes from Amazon so I could try a couple different styles! Check […]

Mug-ulent…the art of planting succulents in mugs

 Hello sweet friends! You all know how I feel about plants. The more the merrier in my book! You ask if I have a great track record of keeping them alive, I ask what does that matter! I still love em! I am always looking for more ways to incorporate them into my office, room…car…the […]

1 whole year.

I have been blogging for an entire year. WHAT!?!? It is crazy to me how quickly that went! I still feel totally new to all of this! The past year has been absolutely wonderful. Blogging has given me a way to grow my business, but more importantly a creative outlet and a way to meet […]

DIY Twist Headbands

 Get ready for the easiest DIY of your life! I am all about that liquid stitch and if I can avoid sewing anything I will! I love sewing, I do, just not for simple crafts. Actually I am just terrible at sewing. The truth comes out.  For this project you will need: -1 yard of any […]

DIY Galentines Day Gift

With Valentines day approaching quickly I thought I would show two little gift ideas for the besties in your life! I found all the supplies for these little treats in Target. That store never lets me down.  I started with a little something for my niece. I was obsessed with the little pink mailbox I found […]

Month of Calligraphy

I am all about setting goals. Whether or not I attain them, I have a constant list of goals in my head. This is what motivates and drives me! If you didn’t know, I have been doing calligraphy for a little over a year now. Two classes under my belt and lots long hours of […]