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Today feels like spring…

In Michigan, there is always that one weekend that makes you think spring is here. It comes sometime mid-February or early March when the south is entering warm weather season and Target is releasing their spring clothes. In the midst of snow, wind and ice…BAM, Michigan throws 40, 50, or in this case, 60-degree weather at you. And […]

Contentment Challenge : What I learned in January

1 month down, 2 to go! January is always a fun month for me because I see it (as many do) like a fresh start! I always return to work after Christmas break refreshed, refocused, and excited to tackle projects. I learned a lot this month about my capacity and productivity habits as I eased […]

February 2017 Goals

Hey Friends! I’m back with my second post about goals. Crazy that it has already been a month, but I’ve decided to give this “blogging goals” thing a good run, so here we are! The format of these posts may vary from time to time as I work on establishing a rhythm that I am […]

My favorite reads from 2016…

I’m back again to recap some recent reads! Since I wasn’t very on top of blogging in 2016 and didn’t often share what I was reading I kept a list on my phone so I wouldn’t forget! I wanted to stop in today and share what my favorite books from the year were! Some I […]