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Hey gurlfriend, where you at?

I generally dislike blog posts where the purpose is to say why you haven’t been blogging…but this is one of those so… LET’S GO. First of all, it’s wedding season. We are up to our ears in wedding-y goodness. It’s the best. We jam at receptions. It’s also the biggest reason the blogging has been inconsistent. So much […]

Why I read multiple books at once…

I used to read a single book at a time. I didn’t understand how people could be reading more than one book at a time. How can they focus? How can they ever finish one? How do they have enough time for that? My perspective has changed and I now love reading more than one […]

Happy Thoughts…

Birds chirping in the morning A cool breeze Colorful pens Fresh Flowers Eating dinner outside Twinkle lights Driving with my windows down Sweet tea Polka dots Grocery shopping