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Transitioning to Spring

With the change of weather comes a change of attire!  Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons to dress for because you can layer and style things without being too hot or too cold.  For spring, I’m swapping snow boots for ankle boots and fleece lined leggings for lightweight linen.  Today’s look is a go-to […]


In April I had the blessing of joining my friend Kirsten’s family in Florida for a week!  We. Had. So. Much. Fun.  Traveling by itself is fun.  It’s even better with your best friend.  We were so excited for the trip that anytime we texted about it we put “Florida” in all caps. Hence, the […]

Wednesday Rambles…I’m 20!

Happy Wednesday folks! I have been quite enjoying writing my Wednesday Rambles posts so I thought I would keep going with them.  It’s fun to feel like I’m just casually chatting with you.  So here is what’s on my mind today. I turned 20!  What the what?!?   So weird!!  Does this mean I have […]

Baby Amelia

One of the sweetest joys in life is being an Auntie. If you couldn’t tell from reading my blog, I’m obsessed with my nieces and nephews. A few weeks ago we welcomed another little nugget into the family so I thought I would share some pictures of her first days! I’m so grateful for older […]

Zero George

When we were looking for a hotel to stay at while in Charleston we found Zero George. Aka…the cutest place on the planet. I’m pretty sure you have to have a small fortune to stay there, so we passed. However, we couldn’t resist stopping by to look around one morning. A few days later Ashley, of […]