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He is Risen Indeed!

Oh, the overwhelming peace and security that comes from knowing Christ has risen. Our God reigns victorious over our sin so deep that we were incapable of saving ourselves. The righteous and holy judgement placed on sin, the grace so deep and abounding. I am in awe and wonder at how a Creator could love […]

Friday Fun: Easter Dresses

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a good Easter dress! I used to get so excited to pick one out when I was a kid and I still do! Today I’m rounding up some of my favorites…

Magnolia Plantation

On our last day in Charleston (yeah, I’m not really posting in any particular order here…) we followed the recommendation of Caroline and visited Magnolia Plantation. It was about a 25 minute drive from downtown Charleston. We loved it! Given that Fall is technically considered their “off season”, I can’t imagine how gorgeous it must […]

Friday Fun: Spring Break Favorites

Whether you are in school or not, I’m pretty sure that this time of year everyone starts thinking about a warm vacation! Today I thought I would round up a few favorite pieces for the spring break season! I’ve linked all of these items and a few more favorites below.  Just click the arrows to […]

Trying to wear color…and failing

 So, the other day I kind of freaked out and realized I was sick of winter.  I also decided I was sick of black and white.  It was time to try and wear colorful clothes every day until spring. Then it occurred to me that I own only a maroon sweater and a green sweater.  That is […]

My go-to way of curling my hair; Big, bouncy, long-lasting curls; Video Hair Tutorial.

Thank you for reading the longest blog post title ever.  SOMUCHTOSAY. Today I thought I would show you my go-to way of curling my hair.  You have seen my hair curled this way lots of times before on this blog.  The curls loosen up over time so you’ll be able to tell the different stages […]

Sugar Sugar…

One stop we made while in Charleston was the adorable Sugar Bakeshop.  Let me tell you, this little place is heaven!  It deserves an entire post dedicated to it!  We tried a few different flavors of the mini cupcakes and then talked about them for the rest of our trip. Because it was on the […]

My Favorite Beginner Photography Resources

Lately, I have been receiving lots of emails and questions about photography.  I LOVE this because photography happens to be one of my favorite things to talk about.  I mean…there is a reason I decided to make it my job.  I. Love. It. I started learning about photography when I was 13 and am completely […]