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Peace out!!

Hello my friends! There is about to be a bit of radio silence all up in hurr’. I am headed out to the Develop Retreat in Colorado this week! Yay!! I couldn’t be more excited to learn, grow, and prep for this years wedding season which starts right when we get back! Hope you will […]

Stripes and pockets.

If a dress has stripes I am likely to buy it. If a dress has pockets I am also likely to buy it. This one had both.     Thanks to the wonderful Gabby for snapping these pics! Check out her wonderful blog here! //Dress: TJ Maxx, Similar, Sweater: Target // Necklaces: Forever 21, similar, gift, […]

Overalls. #yup.

There is nothing better than…OVERALLS.When I start a hunt for something, I get a little intense. I tried on pretty much every pair of overalls in Michigan with no success. Then I walked into the downtown market and a girl working there was wearing the perfect pair. Naturally my sister and I asked her where they […]

Friday Fun: April Showers

They say that April showers brings May flowers, and although I am writing this post on my back deck in the sun, we have had no shortage of rain these past few weeks! I’m hoping that means we have a good May ahead of us! Rainy days are actually one of my very favorite things, […]

5 simple tips to cleaning out your closet…

In an attempt to shove a few summer dresses into a tightly squeezed collection of sweaters the other day, I realized it was time to spring clean my closet. I will be the first to admit that I am bad bad baaaddd at taking the time to do this. Apparently I get attached to clothes […]

3 Easy Summer Drinks

With the temperatures rising I’ve got summer on the brain! I thought today I would share a few of my favorite drinks! I am tag-teaming this post with the wonderful Ariel of Neatly Noted! I’m basically obsessed with her and everything in her shop! How adorable is this tumbler!? Use the coupon code “KATIE30” for […]

When is snowy and sunny…

…you wear layers…and then forget to blog the pictures until the snow is completely gone. //Top: Nordstroms Rack//Sweater: Target//Scarf: My cool friend got me this in Israel!!// Jeans: Jolt//Shoes: Forever 21, similar//

Friday Fun – Greenhouses

Because who doesn’t love day dreaming of pretty greenhouses? //1.//2.//3.//4.//5.//6.//7.//8.//9.//10.//11.//12.//  

Joanna we love you!!

I shared this video on my Facebook but thought I should share it here to. I truly believe the Lord has a calling for each and everyone of us. His plan is so much better than ours. I can’t help but be encouraged and inspired by women like Joanna speaking about how the Lord designed their […]

Brunch Babes – Heather Crabtree

Happy Wednesday! I am so thrilled that we get to have brunch with the amazing Heather Crabtree this morning! I have followed her for quite some time and am constantly inspired by her! She is always throwing helpful information and tips your way, and is constantly pouring into the creative community! Let’s have brunch shall […]