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February Favorites

1. Hot water with lemon. Late at night I often want something hot to drink but obviously caffeine is a no no. Since about Christmas time I have been reaching for hot water with lemon essential oil (but you could use fresh lemon slices) and raw honey. It is sweet and delicious and the perfect thing […]

All I want to eat is pancakes.

Lets have a little chit chat because something very serious is happening to me. It seems that over the past few months my mind has been fixated on pancakes. They are pretty much all I ever think about anymore. I simply cannot break the addition. In honor of this I have decided to do a pancake […]

girls who rock: collective book review

It seems that lately the books I have been reading have all had one general theme in common: Girl Power! I thought I would combine them all into one big book review! What Would Audrey Do. My sister Hailey bought me this for Christmas and I loved reading it! It is witty and adorable while […]

Stay Inside Folks

//Shirt: Gap//Cardigan: Target//Necklace: Similar//Jeans: Charlotte Russe// Mug: Target// Its freezing outside.


The color green just makes me happy.   

Friday Fun: Lavender


Double Fishtail Side Braid Tutorial

Step 1: Gather all your hair to one side of your head, and pin the front of your hair back. Step 2: Split your hair into two sections. Step 3: Create a fishtail braid with each of the sections, leaving you with two fishtail braids. Pull each braid apart making them thicker. Step 4: Use bobby […]

Brunch Babes: Jessica Albers

So excited to be back with another fabulous entrepreneur today! Jessica Albers is an incredibly talented calligrapher, and the lovely artist behind my logo! (more things with my logo coming soon! *wink wink*) I got the chance to meet this gal at the Bloom Workshop in September and loved her immediately! She is so kind […]

Hat Day

//hat: World Market, similar// shirt: Old Navy// jeans: Jolt//

Why You Should Wash Your Hair Less

I have mentioned before that I try to go as long as possible without washing my hair, and recently I had a request on Instagram to elaborate on that! So here we are!  Why washing your hair is harmful:  Now look, I am all about good hygiene but what we are talking about here is over-washing. Despite […]