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January Favorites

I cannot believe we have already reached the end of January. I can already tell this year is going to go by quickly! Better buckle up! I must admit that I love cold weather, and most years the snow doesn’t start to bother me till around late February. This year is very different’t y’all. I. […]

January Pump Up Playlist

The January blues got the best of you? I have a solution! lately have been very fed up with the radio. I feel like all any station plays is “Jealous”, “I’m Not the Only One” and “Blank Space”. These are all songs that I like, but I don’t want to listen to them exclusively. Combine […]

Featured: Cottage Hill Journal

So honored and excited to have images from David and Audrey’s proposal featured on the Cottage Hill Journal this morning! Be sure to check them out here! Days like today make me so grateful to be able to do what I love! Huge thanks to David and Audrey, Indie Film Lab,  and my amazing Mother/sidekick/business partner in […]


So grateful for these two girls and our mornings together each week. This week we decided to be adventurous and check out the beach in the winter. We decided one thing: It is cold. Here is a little Portra 400 film that I shot while we were there!  

Oh Hey January! How you doing?

Hello! Just stopping by to talk about January a little with some pictures from my phone! I often have a hard time leaving my camera behind. Photos are so important to me and really close to my heart, so I almost always have my HEAVY camera tucked away in my purse. We spent one day on […]

Bubble Side Pony Tutorial

Today I am sharing a hair tutorial that is a little out there for me, but I have been loving it lately! Start by twisting your hair from the opposite side of your part. Twist it, gathering hair, to the other side and pin it in place. Gather the front section of hair and pin that […]

Brunch Babes- Shelby from The Day’s Design

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to be back with another Babe for Brunch! Shelby is. so. talented. I have had the privilege of working with her several different times, and am so grateful I have! (check out this post for more!)  She is absolutely wonderful to work with and is so kind! Not […]

Happy Things

breakfast dates with Meg & Olivia books on books on books yummy smelling candles popcorn with extra butter and extra salt wearing bows in my hair new packs of markers   Happy Friday!

This Sweater.

You wanna know where I got this sweater? In the *hmm* old person section of Kohls. YUP. I was buying my grandma (not saying you are old Nanny!)  a sweater with my mom, and right there was this baby and I kinda liked it! On sale for $13, not a bad find if you ask […]

coffee, film, and other happy things.

Happy Monday everyone! Just thought I’d stop by to share some recent film scans. A few weeks ago Meg and I decided to try a new coffee shop after a shoot in the studio. Nestled between Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Bakery (two places I love!)  is the Lyon Street Cafe. It is filled with light pouring in […]