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Friday Fun- Last minute Costumes

Happy Halloween! I never have put much effort into halloween (last year being the exception..and my favorite costume ever), and this often means running around last minute throwing something together to hand out candy in. Here are some of my favorites for this year!   1. Daisy: Got a sparkly dress laying around? Bust it […]

I only wear stripes…

It’s time you learned the truth about me. I only wear stripes. It may seem from this blog that I shake things up, but I’m not really sure how that happened because I am always in stripes. Most often black and white! This dress is one of my absolute favorites because of its versatility! I […]

Hannah- Senior

Okay, Hannah was killin’ it at her senior shoot! We had such a fun time running around finding unique places downtown! We’ve known each other since we were itty bitty, so it was so fun to see where we are now! She is so photogenic and fun to be around! Hope you enjoy looking through […]

Friday Fun – Bundled Up

Happy Friday! The little dose of Florida sun I got this week was just what I needed to get me ready for a Michigan winter! Now its time to add on some layers and get bundled up! I can just see everyone that knows me reading this post and rolling there eyes. Its no secret […]

Black Stretchy Pants

  Hello people of the internet! I know you all have been up all night wondering what I wore to a wedding last Saturday so…. I kid. Regardless, here we go! These pants. These pants. I am a hard core jeans hater. They are uncomfortable, stiff, and I am just more of pajamas type of […]

Cool People Run Marathons

So..basically my sister and brother and law are the coolest people, and cool people run marathons. So they did. They literally ran a marathon. 26.2 miles. I can’t run to my mailbox, nor do I want to. Last weekend was the Chicago Marathon, and we couldn’t miss it! We spent all day Saturday in Schaumburg shopping […]

Friday Fun – Ankle Boots

One of my favorite ways to transition into fall is with a good ankle boot! In Michigan when the snow is above your car it becomes slightly more unrealistic, but for now why not enjoy it! Perfect with tights, jeans, and everything in between! On Sunday my family is headed out to my favorite place […]

Stitch Fix

So…I have been hearing about Stitch Fix for a looooongggg time, and I’m sure you are sick of hearing about it as well. For some reason I have overlooked how awesome this service is.  Now that I’ve started using it, I will never go back! You can sign up here: Stitch Fix Here is the low down: […]

Cider and Doughnuts

Mornings with my sisters and their chitlens make me happy, and who doesn’t love picking? Combine the two and there is nothing better!

Friday Fun: Drink Up!

In case dedicating a full post to Pumpkin Spice Latte’s wasn’t enough, let me emphasize once more how much I love fall beverages. Apple cider, hot chocolate, flavored coffee, they all my me happy! Here are a few recipes to whip up this weekend! Wishing you a hot mug of something delicious to warm your […]