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• Dups Wedding •

3 years ago Danielle told me about a boy from camp. A year later I met him, a year after that we spent our summer on my back deck, Ty bringing us pizza and playing guitar for us. 10 months ago I stood on a bridge, crying, shaking, and photographing him getting down on one […]


This week my niece turned 5. what. the. what?!? She came over in her little peplum top, stripes, and polka dots and I couldn’t help but snag some pictures of her. The messy bun is a true indication that she is related to me. She kills me. 

Pudgie, Camp, Hobo.

Whatever you choose to call it, nobody can resist pie. Pie people!! A couple weeks ago while visiting a friends cottage, my family was re-introduced to these beloved pies. Since then we have made them a couple times and we are loving it!! I thought today I would share some of our favorite combinations to […]

• Dups Wedding Sneak Peak •

  Two of my very best friends got married on Saturday. There aren’t even words to describe the love I have for them, the love they have for each other, and the complete and utter joy that fills them. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the privilege of documenting their day. I simply […]

• Maxwell and Kaeleigh •

 I had such lovely night wandering around downtown GR taking pictures of these two studs. We may or may not have gotten kicked out of the library, but uh…if you aren’t gonna let us take pictures we don’t want to be there anyway #thankyouverymuch. You can find Kaeleigh here! Also: ummm can we just gaze at […]

Strawberries for Sal

Nothing is better than a morning with your sisters and their chitlins. Let alone when you come home with 6 pounds of candy Strawberries! In case you didn’t know this already, I’m stinking obsessed with my niece and nephews. I could talk about them till I’m blue in the face, and yes as a matter of fact […]

• Katie & Hannah •

 What to do when your best friend comes in to town? Have a photo shoot of course! I had such a wonderful morning shooting these two beautiful girls! These two are seriously such babes! I loved watching them giggle with each other in a way that only best friends can. I am happy that I […]